Programmatic Advertising

Maximise Revenue Through 'Fusion' Technology

Increasing revenue and yield by finding top-performing SSPs through Experiments & Demand-Path Optimisation.

Fusion Yield Optimisation by Content Ignite
Fusion Multivariate testing by Content Ignite

Multivariate Ad Format Testing

Trial Native vs Display, In-Image Vs IAB, Adhesion Vs In-Article - find which ad formats drive the highest yield for your website.


Understand the Market Value Of Your Content

Allow Programmatic Advertising CPMs to benchmark and guide your Direct Sales and Private Marketplace (PMP) rates on an ongoing basis.

Fusion Direct Sales market value by Content Ignite
Fusion Multi-size ad optimisation by Content Ignite
Multi-Size Ad Units

Optimise Ad Placements and Sizes via 'Fusion' technology

Analyse and optimise ad placement and sizes using Experiment Technology to identify and implement the highest-yielding ad positions

Content Analytics

Understand the Market Value Of Your Content

Use audience segmentation to analyse and understand your best performing content groups to aid editorial focus.

Fusion Content Analytics by Content Ignite
Fusion Multi-size ad optimisation by Content Ignite
3rd-Party Integrations

Analyse how 3rd-Party Integrations affect Revenue

Understand the impact of 3rd-party integrations like Ad Blockers on your revenue and develop strategies to optimise and increasr revenue

User Experience

Reduce Ads, Improve UX and Increase Yield Using Experiments

Experiment reducing ad placements and seeing the impact on not only revenue but also via your own analytics looking at engagement and bounce rates.

Fusion User Experience improvements by Content Ignite
Fusion test new revenue streams by Content Ignite
Revenue Streams

Test New Revenue Streams With Your Ad Stack

Experiment with new SSPs, paywalls, ad block recovery and formats like video or skins within your existing setup and identify when ad revenues fluctuate.

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