Proprietary Contextual Technology

Our Content Ignite publisher tag is loaded with many features including Load ‘In-View’, Refresh ‘In-View’ and most importantly, our ad units are ALL contextually-enabled.

Our publisher tag technology scans the page content using AI to discover and understand the contextual categories and terms on-page, their Salience (importance), Sentiment (positive or negative) and Confidence.

This allows you as the publisher, to create contextual ‘Segments’ to create an ‘Audience’ for your advertisers to buy against - all based on zero PII (personally identifiable information), GDPR-Compliant data.

Fusion Contextual technology by Content Ignite
Fusion Audience Segmentation technology by Content Ignite

Unlimited Segmentation

At Content Ignite, we understand every brand and marketer has unique audience requirements. That's why we build complex segmentation technology that allows you to build segments upon segments. Segments can contain websites, IAB categories and contextual terms found on web pages like Organisations, People, Vehicles, Products, Events (and the list goes on...).

 This technology enables you to build out unique audiences that exactly fits your target market.


Lets Get Insightful

Gain insights into your page data and turn it into actionable data. Allow advertisers and brands to buy against your on-page content, powered by Content Ignite, for use inside your own Google AdManager.

And that’s just the start...

Fusion Contextual Insights technology by Content Ignite
Fusion Audiences by Content Ignite

How To Create Audiences & Segments

Search & Match

Type in your terms for exact or broad match via wildcards

Create Segments

Unlimited segments can be linked to an audience.

Create Audience

Combine segments and filters like IAB categories

Visualise Audience

See maximum available reach and impressions

Activate Audience

Push audience into Google AdManager and Prebid

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