Health score increase
Fusion Healthcheck by Content Ignite
Fusion Health score improvements by Content Ignite

Our Core Assessment Criteria To Create a Healthcheck Score

Our Healthcheck  contains metrics such as;

CMP Performance
Tag Latency
Ads.txt and Supply Chain
PageSpeed Insights & CWV
Traffic & Brand Safety Risk
Ethical Media & Sustainability
Privacy & Compliance
Revenue HealtHcheck

Benefits of Our Publisher Healtcheck

Our Fusion Healthcheck technology is a fantastic resource for understanding your websites strengths and weaknesses by evaluating your Consent Management Platform, Tag Latency, Ads.txt validation, Supply Chain, Pagespeed, Traffic & Brand Safety Risks, Ethical Media, Sustainability and Privacy & Compliance.

CMP PErformance

Configure Your CMP For Ad Revenue Growth

From our Healthcheck, we ensure that your CMP is correctly configured to comply with regulations and maximise ad revenue.

Fusion Consent Management Platform checks by Content Ignite
Fusion tag latency checks by Content Ignite
Tag LAtency

Lots of 3rd-Party Scripts and Slow Pages = Less Revenue

Identify impact of heavy scripts on site performance via page, tag, and latency to help and improve ad load times, revenue and user experience.


Assess Ads.txt setup and Warnings

Errors and warnings in your ads.txt file can affect revenue. Therefore, staying on top of errors, warnings and updates is extremely important. We provide you that information to stay on top of things.

Fusion Ads.txt checks by Content Ignite
Fusion Pagespeed checks by Content Ignite
Page Speed Insights

Faster Load Times = Higher Revenue

Maximise revenue potential through analysing and improving website speed

Traffic & Brand Safety

Assess Risks In The Advertising Auction as Seen By Buyers

A unique advertising risk assessment based on blended risk factors including brand safety, invalid traffic and inventory for all regions and devices.

Fusion Brand and Traffic Safety checks by Content Ignite
Fusion Ethical Media and sustainability checks by Content Ignite
Ethical Media & Sustainability

Analyse your Ethical Media & Sustainability Rankings

Gain your Corporate, Advertising and Content scores to see how advertisers view your website from an Ethical Media and Sustainability point-of-view

Privacy & Compliance

Audits Assessing compliance & gaps with ICO guidance

Ensure your compliance as European regulators are becoming increasingly vigilant and active in ensuring that publishers abide by the regulations of ePrivacy and GDPR.

Fusion Privacy and Compliance checks by Content Ignite


We take our publishers through a proven methodology to success... Crawl-Walk-Run.

Fusion Crawl Methodology for Crawl-Walk-Run by Content Ignite
During a 2-week period, our 'Crawl' phase begins with a Discovery Session, followed by the integration of our Fusion Tag. A Revenue Healthcheck Report is generated to evaluate current performance. Recommendations are provided, and Success Metrics are agreed upon before issuing contracts. Finally, an Onboarding Session precedes the activation of recommendations.
Fusion Walk Methodology for Crawl-Walk-Run by Content Ignite
Over a 3-month period, our 'Walk' phase consists of Weekly Reviews with your Account Manager (AM). Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to assess performance, aiming to increase revenue by at least 20% and cut costs by at least 10%. These regular check-ins focus on evaluating progress and strategising for continued growth and efficiency improvements.
Fusion Run Methodology for Crawl-Walk-Run by Content Ignite
Over a 12-month period, the 'Run' phase of the process starts with activating Fusion 'Experiments' and optimising while unlocking new features. Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) gauge performance, targeting significant revenue boosts and substantial cost reductions. This extended timeline focuses on sustainable growth and efficiency enhancements.

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