Premium deal & demand management

We deal with all your premium advertising deals through Programmatic Guaranteed, Preferred Deals and Private Auctions using Google Ad Manager, as well as direct campaigns through Content Ignite.

It's not only Google monetisation that Content Ignite specialise in, we can get you set up with header bidding all through one tag (Content Ignites 'Fusion Publisher Tag') which makes it simple to get up and running, with an increased demand stack with new and multiple ad units from day 1

Content Ignite managed deals and PMPs
Content Ignite domain approvals

Lightning approval processes

The Content Ignite Fusion platform integrates directly with Google Ad Manager, Pubmatic OpenWrap API's and Amazon TAM to get your websites approved, onboarded and earning as quickly as possible.

You input your payment details directly into our platform at the sign-up stage so that you get paid without fail each month.

Why Content Ignite?

We pay you more, quicker

We pay you via automatic payments on Net 30 without fail, each month and with a fair revenue share in your favour. We pay you more and quicker. The same goes for all header bidding partners, who generally payout on Net 60, Content Ignite still pay you on Net 30.

Are you still using Google Adsense exclusively for monetisation? Or only using Adsense and Header Bidding? Why not talk to us about switching today?

Fusion programmatic payments on net 30 by Content Ignite
Content Ignite partnership with Oraki
Upgrade to Google Ad Manager 360

Google Ad Manager 360

Certain publishers may want to move away from Content Ignite's Managed Ad Operations or Plug & Play services or from Google Ad Manager for Small Business to run all their yield optimisation and ad trafficking themselves, and we can help you do this.

We've partnered with Oraki, a fellow Google Certified Publishing Partner, to provide Google Ad Manager 360 to Publishers in EMEA and MENA.

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