Relationship Types

Identify Direct vs. Reseller Relationships

Differentiate between DIRECT relationships for direct agreements and RESELLER relationships for each SSP to optimise ad inventory management and revenue.

Ads.txt Relationship Types
Ads.txt Exchanges

Managing Exchange Listings for Optimal Performance

Allowing you to regularly update and review exchange listings to ensure only authorised platforms are included, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Ads.txt File Lines

Structuring Your Ads.txt File for Clarity

Organise the ads.txt file to distinguish required, untracked, duplicate, comment, and empty lines, improving readability and accuracy.

Ads.txt File Lines
Your Ads.txt Lines
Your ads.txt File

Validating Your Ads.txt File

Use validation tools to identify and correct errors, ensuring compliance and accuracy in your ads.txt file.

Exchange Insights

Optimising Exchange Paths for Better Efficiency

Evaluate and refine exchange paths to streamline ad delivery, reduce latency, and enhance overall ad performance.

Ads.txt Exchange Insights
Your Ads.txt Lines
MAPPING and Managing

Mapping and Managing Untracked Ads.txt Lines

Our Ads.txt Insights analysis maps your current ads.txt file against required lines from demand partners, identifying "Untracked" lines. Enter active third-party ads.txt lines in the publisher settings page to drive a more sustainable pathway to reduce energy consumption, operational overheads and your carbon footprint.

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