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Hybrid option available

Fusion Plug & Play Ad Products by Content Ignite
Plug & Play
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Revenue Share
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100% CI Demand
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Net 30 payment
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1-Month Rolling Contract
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Revenue Fully Managed
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Demand Fully Managed
Fusion Managed Service Ad Operations by Content Ignite
Managed Service
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Retainer & Rev Share
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Publisher / CI Demand
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Net 30 Charge/Payment
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3-36 Month Contracts
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Yield Management
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Fusion Self-Service Ad Managment by Content Ignite
Self Service
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Usage-based Pricing
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100% Publisher Demand
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Net 30 Charge
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3-24 Month Rolling Contracts
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Your Own Optimisation
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Your Own SSPs
Content Ignite's Fusion Wrapper combining Google AdX, Open Bidding, Header Bidding and Amazon TAM
Fusion Wrapper achieves optimal revenue by Content Ignite
Fusion Wrapper achieves optimal ad stack by Content Ignite

Google Ad Exchange, Open Bidding, Prebid and Amazon TAM through One Tag

Google AdX & Open Bidding

Google AdX and Open Bidding offer publishers increased competition, higher ad revenue, improved fill rates, and access to Google's vast advertiser network.

Fusion Wrapper

Content Ignite's Fusion Header Bidding Wrapper, empowers publishers with transparency, control, diversified demand sources, competition, and flexibility to enhance ad revenue.

Amazon TAM

Amazon TAM (Transparent Ad Marketplace) offers publishers higher ad revenue and access to Amazon's vast advertiser base.

Plug & Play

Quick and Easy?

Best for… Publishers who want Content Ignite to generate, manage, & optimise programmatic revenue through a specific unit e.g. In Image  & paid monthly Net 30 

Managed Service

Need a Hand?

Best for…Publishers who want Content Ignite to generate and manage all programmatic revenue PLUS provide ad operations for their direct AND consultancy


Do It Yourself?

Best for… Publishers who are happy with existing SSP relationships but want to earn more revenue, reduce costs and increase functionality or looking for a white label solution (e.g a network looking to deploy this tech across their partners)  


Best of Both Worlds?

Best for… Publishers who want the maximum flexibility and functionality


Flexible Integration Solutions

All publishers have different methods of testing, and we support many methods of integration...

Fusion platform Google Ad Manager Integration solution by Content Ignite

A sub-obtimal but viable option via a 1x1-style tag integration.

Tag Manager
Fusion platform Google Tag Manager Integration solution by Content Ignite

A better integration than the adserver, serve via a Tag Manager like Google.

Fusion platform Asynchronous loading Example by Content Ignite

Our favour and most optimal integration, hardcoded on-page.

Fusion platform Wordpres plugin Integration solution by Content Ignite

Click here to download or install our Wordpress plugin for Publishers

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