Fusion Real-Time Alerts by Content Ignite
Revenue drop alert
Alert Methods

Multi-Channel Alerts for Publisher Issues

Our alerts system ensures that website publishers stay informed about critical issues through a variety of notification methods

Email Notifications
Slack Notifications
Platform Notifications
Web Push Notifications
SMS Notifications
Revenue Drop

Receive revenue Drop Alerts Instantly

As soon as drops in revenue are identified by our platform, we'll send you an instant message through your communication method of choice to make sure you (and we) can react as quickly as possible.

Fusion Revenue Decrease Alerts by Content Ignite
Fusion Traffic Decrease Alerts by Content Ignite
Traffic Drop

Receive Traffic Drop Alerts Instantly

Our tag can detect more instant drops in traffic than revenue, as most of our revenue reports are received a couple of hours behind from third-parties. If your site goes down or our tag gets removed, we'll send you an instant notification.

Ads.TXT Alerts

Receive Weekly Ads.txt Updates To Maximise Revenue

Every now and then, we, or you, may add new Integration partners into our Fusion platform. Adding these partners will generally require ads.txt changes and we'll update you each day with any new updates if they are required and also, if any important ones in your ad stack are removed.

Fusion Ads.txt checks by Content Ignite

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