Auction Optimisation

Machine Learning & AI Auction Optimisation

Dynamic floor pricing enables publishers to adjust the minimum bid for each ad impression based on geo, device, browser, audience, URLs, sections and even viewport.

Fusion Auction Floor Optimisation by Content Ignite
Fusion Granular Floor Control by Content Ignite
Granular Control

Granular Floor Pricing Control

Publishers can manually or dynamically set floor prices such as by ad unit, geo, device type, browser, audience and more. This gives you granular control to fine-tune your pricing strategies or allow our ML & AI do it for you.

Audience Analysis

Increase Audience Monetisation

Segment your audiences to determine the value of different audience segments. Dynamic floor pricing allows for personalised pricing and ensures higher bids from advertisers on core audience segments.

Fusion Audience Segmentation by Content Ignite
Fusion Granular Floor Control by Content Ignite
Auction Ecosystem

Creating a Competitive Auction Ecosystem

Our Fusion platform provides dynamic floor technology that increase the value of each auction and increase the competition between Google, Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) and Prebid technology.


Seasonal Adjustments Based on Trend Analysis

Our floor prices account for seasonality and time-of-day fluctuations in ad demand using Machine Learning & AI. For example, higher floor prices during peak traffic hours based on historical data can yield increased revenue.

Fusion Seasonality Floor Optimisation by Content Ignite

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