Content Ignite is an Official Google Ad Manager Channel Partner.

Contact us NOW to apply for an Exclusive Google Ad Manager Account via Content Ignite and expose your business to the worlds biggest advertising demand pool with Google Ad Manager.


We might be specialists in Native advertising, but being an Official Channel Partner of Google and part of their Network Partner Manager (NPM) Program we are able to offer this premium google service to quality publishers that don’t quite meet the tight criteria for this exclusive Google Account.

So what is ‘Google Ad Manager’ (formally DoubleClick Ad Exchange)? It’s the world largest demand pool and if you are a publisher need at least 5 million monthly ad impressions, or a Google Account Manager to apply. Google has recently changed the name of Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (or Ad X for short), to Google Ad Manager but one thing has not changed, it is still INVITE ONLY.

If you don’t meet the impression criteria, or you do but don’t have a Google Account Manager to invite you, this is where we can help as the best way to get access is with an Official Channel Partner of Google on the NPM Program like us!

We support both Native and Display applications and all of our Content Ignite ad formats come with Google Ad Manager demand from the worlds largest demand pool as part of the overall stack IN ADDITION to our direct and 3rd Party demand partners (after an application process).

As a bonus to utilising the Content Ignite Ad Platform we can analyze and provide advanced insight into your inventory and who is buying ad inventory to help you maximize your revenues via our programmatic connections via DBM.

To gain access to the INVITE ONLY exclusive Google Ad Manager account and see an uplift in revenues beyond what Adsense or other ad providers can offer, contact us now.

Apply for a Google Ad Manager account using this form or contact us at

Testimonials from our partners


Content Ignite® is an innovator in the space, and their brand and vision is a huge inspiration and keeps us challenging ourselves at Revcontent.

John Lemp (CEO RevContent)

Content Ignite® has been a key partner for us and we look forward to working with the team in the future to fuel each others ambitious growth.

Mike Harty (Co Founder & COO PowerLinks)

Content Ignite® was the first platform we worked with to deliver native advertising products onto our group of websites. They have been a most helpful, resourceful and inventive partner we have worked with, with very fast turnaround in SLAs.

Russell Winterburn (Friday Media)