Trusted Reviews gain a 200% increase in programmatic revenue on In-Image ad unit & now a ‘Managed Service’ publisher of Content Ignite


Trusted Reviews, an award-winning technology website with over 17,000 products tested and reviewed since 2003, came to Content Ignite looking to maximise their revenue across their high-performance, highly-viewable In-Image unit.


Changing ad-tech partners can be daunting at times. Switching to a new partner needed to be simple with minimal coding changes to the existing website due to increasing developer costs. Trusted Reviews needed to be convinced…


With Content Ignite’s one-tag solution, we proved we would increase revenue vs the competition. Content Ignite were placed head-to-head on equivalent traffic to prove our technology would increase revenue. Long story short…


After winning the head-to-head battle, Content Ignite increased overall In-Image revenue by 200% and Trusted Reviews are now a ‘Managed Service’ publisher using our Managed Ad Operations, Contextual Technology and full display monetisation.


“When a demand partner comes along and says that they could monetise your inventory better than your current supplier, it very rarely turns out to be true. I’m happy to say though that in the case of Content Ignite that this has actually been the case. Their implementation took literally 2 minutes and within the first week, we started to see an increase on previous numbers.”
Chris Dicker, Trusted Reviews (Candr Media Group)

Products & Services Used

  • Managed Ad Operations
  • Programmatic Demand
  • Contextual


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Annual Growth
  • Increased Direct
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