CI Surpasses Expectations, Boosting Official Charts’ Q4 2023 programmatic display revenues by 101% on Q4 last year!


The UK’s Official Charts, as heard on BBC Radio 1, have been a central part of UK popular culture for over 70 years, publishing over 50 charts a week. Official Charts came to CI looking to maximise revenue on the In-Image format before moving across entirely to a fully managed publisher.


Official Charts were looking for a managed ad-operations partner that could maximise revenue and also provide an exceptional standard of service and consultancy, capable of advising them through turbulent market conditions. Official Charts moved to a new website in the middle of 2023 and CI worked closely with their developer on this switchover to make sure the new offering far exceeded the previous.


After a successful start on In-Image, Official Charts moved across to a fully managed solution, opting to also take adhesion and IAB formats. With our one-tag solution, close partnership and transparent approach to communication we have guided Official Charts through significant optimisations. Some of the high impact changes this year have been a move to a new and faster site alongside the strategic introduction of prebid


Official Charts’ revenues have gone from strength to strength and have increased MoM. Q4 2023 has smashed Q4 2022 by 101% in programmatic display revenue, not only that the RPM per user increased by 177% for the same time period. Finally CI has grown revenue throughout 2023 by 166% and caused a massive increase of 346% in revenue per user using the Fusion Experiments technology.


- How likely is it that you would recommend Content Ignite to another publisher? = 9/10
- How satisfied are you with Content Ignite’s Fusion Platform?= 4/5

“Extremely helpful on all issues - even if it's not necessarily covered by our agreement. All staff members are very knowledgeable in all areas.There is a sense that all members of the business chip in on urgent issues. Nice bunch of people and always willing to help.”

Becca Monahan, Commercial Director, Official Charts

Products & Services Used

  • Managed Ad Operations
  • Programmatic Demand
  • Contextual


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Annual Growth
  • Increased Direct
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