April 3, 2023

Run experiments and gain new levels of reporting insight with v4.2 of Publisher Cloud

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Jamie Druce
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We are continuing our string of big platform releases with version 4.2, where we introduce additional reporting dimensions, the ability to run experiments and the control to configure multi-size units, lets dig in!

Advanced config settings for Publishers to generate more ad revenue

All new advanced config options allow for greater control over ad sizing

You now have the ability to increase auction pressure by including multiple sizes in your IAB units, specified by device type. This even extends to our high-impact units such as in-image, giving you advanced control over creative sizing for the first time.

In addition, you can now target configs to specific audiences and even schedule a config to run during a certain time period. The use cases for tag configs were already vast, but that has now opened up even further, for example; Got a direct campaign targeting the car enthusiast audience across your site? Our contextual technology has already tagged that audience without any development required of you, now you can set up a config to run an additional unit for this campaign, targeted to that audience and scheduled to run the length of the campaign before returning your site back to normal. All from one tag on page.

Experiments to find the optimal ad layout

Trial new setups bit pitting two tag configs against one another

Our tag configs are incredibly flexible by design, allowing you to target all sorts such as car enthusiasts in Canada on mobile with a specific unit…

Now that flexibility can unlock even more control for publishers using experiments.

Pit two or more configs head to head, specifying traffic splits and targeting if needed. Then watch as the data rolls in. Want to know if allowing leaderboards in your billboard slot will generate more revenue? No need to weigh up the pros and cons, run an experiment and see the answer for yourself!

Tag configs can target at a very low level, giving you the power to change the ad unit layout on your site for different regions and devices, and now with experiments, you can really dial in the best set up to maximise revenue.

Reporting Overhaul

Select just the right data in our new report builder

With the latest platform release, we have introduced big changes to reporting. We have introduced the following new dimensions:

  • Config name/ID
  • Device
  • Geo
  • Platform (think ad server vs header bidding)
  • Partner (Who is actually bidding)

These dimensions give you far more detail into your publisher's performance and can steer you on optimisations.

We have also moved to a report builder format, where you pick the field you want to see, the filters and the time frame and save that report for repeated use, or run it for a one-off insight. This is a far more tailored solution and gives you far more control to see what you need to see.


There are a number of other tweaks, changes and new smaller features in this release, you can find them detailed in our changelog.

This year has seen the release of some big updates, and we are only in Q1, so keep your eyes peeled for the next lot of updates, as we don't plan on standing still any time soon.

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