March 18, 2024

Introducing Fusion Ad Stacks

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Jamie Druce
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Ad Stacks

Imagine a single drag-and-drop interface for managing your complete ad stack in one place to streamline your ad management experience. Somewhere where you can drag in Amazon TAM alongside your Prebid.js Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), and maybe even a Prebid server integration.
What about a mix of your own contracts alongside SSP's you don't currently work with? The complexity of deploying such a setup is a daunting undertaking, weeks or months of developer resource to get all those pieces working together and tested on your site, and even after all that effort, you’d be left with a rigid set-up that can’t easily be changed. Now imagine that you want different setups for different ad units, perhaps even for different audiences and different geos… Impossible right?! Well, imagine no more, this is exactly what Fusion Ad Stacks achieve.

You no longer need to worry about the integration or technology serving an Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to page, just pick the ones you want and drag them in, and our Fusion platform handles the rest - providing you with a full ad revenue management system.

Our integrations system allows you to bring your own relationships into the mix and go fully SaaS or hybrid with our relationships.

The possibilities really are endless. with each ad stack linked to a tag config, you can utilise all the powerful targeting of configs (device, browser, geo, audience etc) and tailor your ad serving as needed.

No lock-ins like with other header bidding wrappers, no being forced to side with one company or invest heavily in your own solution, just drag and drop. Also, our Fusion platform is designed as a self-serve platform, meaning you can either have full control and manage your own ad stacks or allow our experienced ad operations team to provide you with a managed service - the choice is yours.

Ad demand; Prebid & Amazon UTM/TAM
Fusion includes a Prebid wrapper out of the box, our own hosted Prebid server instance and integration with Amazon Publisher Services, all battle-tested to work in any combination, so you don't have to go through that pain. Integration complexity aside, having everything managed by Fusion unlocks further efficiencies; mapping to each platform is vastly simplified, reporting is centralised, SSP’s can be targeted to different audiences and experiments unlock powerful head-to-heads between individual SSP’s to truly maximise the efficiencies of your ad setup.

Ad Servers
Your ad server or ours, or even both! We now support intelligent second-look ad servers, passing back to a secondary ad server if a request isn't serviced by the first ad server, all with zero configuration in your ad server. This can ease an ad server transition, or allow your ad ops team to manage direct via your ad server, and programmatic via ours for example.

Fallback Creatives
Hate seeing blank ads? Fallback creatives allow you to provide image or script assets to serve when nothing else has. Content Ignite will always optimise for yield, maximising your revenue, but with this does come lower fill, however you now have the option to direct users to your shop or perhaps newsletter sign-ups, making your ad slots work harder for you!

Global Search

An update that is dwarfed by Ad Stacks, but a serious quality-of-life change to Fusion and a team favourite that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

Quickly filter through all your reports, publishers, organisations and users with a simple keyboard shortcut. Hit return on your keyboard to jump to the first match, navigating has never been so easy!

The rest of Fusion 4.3

  • Publisher ad-tech integrations [Beta] — Integrate with Ad Block recovery tech (to combat ad blockers reducing ad revenue) or even serve your Consent Management Platform (CMP) to page, publisher level integrations open up a world of possibilities with lots more to come in this space.
  • More Google Ad Manager (GAM) controls for SaaS publishers — For those bringing their own Google AdManager (GAM) accounts into Fusion, you can now toggle the auto-creation of units, toggle auto-linking of placements as well as controlling MCM and ad unit mapping in one central place!
  • ‘Month’ reporting dimension — A handy new reporting dimension to group data by month.
  • System tables — System tables have been made more consistent, having a single action menu (where needed) and are all searchable through the new footer search field.

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