What is content ignite®?

We’re the industry’s largest native in-image advertising platform.

We offer you an extremely simple service that allows you to earn incremental income from placing advertising within the images on your website. Our native-style format means you are not distracting the user away from the quality content you have spent time creating.

We work with you daily to optimise the advertising that displays on your images to get you the best results. Our advertising is provided by the leading native advertising companies, premium agencies as well as our very own direct advertisers across all the core geo’s of the world.

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Why you should use Content Ignite®

If you are a website publisher here are just 3 reasons why you should sign up today…

Increased Revenue

Our Publishers enjoy industry leading rates on this incremental revenue stream.

Higher Fill Rates

Our extensive advertiser demand allows us to show an advert to almost every visitor.

Fast Payments

We won’t hold onto your money. Our Premium Publishers benefit from Bi-Weekly payments.

Content Ignite® Platform


Monthly Ad Impressions


Monthly Unique Users


Premium Publishers

Content Ignite® In-Image Advertising

82%+ viewability compared to 51% with traditional display ads
x13 0.8+ CTR compared to 0.06% for display units
94% of posts with images are 94% more likely to be engaged with than ones without
$170Billion on Digital Advertising spend in 2015
Source: eMarketer.com

Companies we’ve worked with…

Content Ignite® provided a targeted dynamic desktop and mobile ad solution for this brand orientated campaign that delivered beyond the targets set.

Content Ignite®'s highly viewable ad format exceeded expectations across all key engagement metrics for the Lenovo MOTO campaign

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