Today we launch CI v2.0!


Today we launch CI v2.0!

A long time in the making, today we are proud to introduce the future of Content Ignite. v2.0 of our platform.

This combines with the new ad tags we rolled out last year, to complete the Content Ignite ad package.

Our platform is built form the ground up with the latest technologies. No more bulky off the shelf frameworks, moulded to fit our needs. Our new platform is a bespoke system built with an API first approach with a React frontend. You can expect to find PWA features, dark mode support out of the gate and a new level of responsiveness to name but a few features.

One of the greatest hidden benefits, is our ability to expand and add new features at a speed not previously possible. Speed of innovation is cornerstone of Content Ignite, and this allows us to keep that pace up, so watch out for notifications of new features on your dashboard home page.

You will also find the following:

  • Auto-invoicing and auto-payments
  • Net30 payment terms
  • New lower revenue splits
  • Billing estimates
  • Support for over 25 currencies
  • Self-serve tag management
  • SaaS offering to connect in your own Ad Manager account
  • Multi-user support
  • Brand-able interface

The Technology

This is where we get indulgently techie. Starting from the bottom of the stack, V2 marks the final stage in our infrastructure move to an entirely scalable platform, ensuring we can handle the natural peaks and dips of usage build on trusted technology from Google.

Our API first means we can soon offer out API integration options to our partners, opening up all sorts of possibilities, from Content Ignite reporting in your own internal systems, to automated tag set-up and deployment when you launch a new publisher.

This is not a re-skin, but a completely new creation entirely, allowing us the ability to use what we’ve learnt over the past 5 years, to build something we ourselves love to use. New features such as payment integrations is always a big undertaking, but one that makes the new lower revenue splits and faster payment terms possible, something we know you will appreciate.

Our frontend is build with React and Typescript, ensuring our new codebase is structured beautifully and functionally. All interface elements take the form of components whose job is focused and clear, and more importantly, reusable; part of the reason we can iterate so quickly.

We are a technology company first and foremost, so using the latest and greatest tech available not only gets us excited, but the possibilities it unlock should get you, our partners excited too!

Please let us know your thoughts on this new milestone for us, we certainly listen and are always looking to continue innovating!

Sincerely, your friends at Content Ignite.