Looking to run ad formats using your OWN demand? 01

Our ‘SaaS’ service allows an ad network, publisher network or publisher to include your own Google Network Code, from your Google AdManager account, into Content Ignite’s High-Impact ad products and also Standard IAB display units.

Leverage our ad technology 02

Allow any publisher (or network) to use your own advertising demand, run through Google AdManager, complemented with:
Complete control over your website yield management and revenue
Increasing visibility for publishers into who is buying your high-impact inventory, compared to your existing inventory allowing for better decision making
Net30 terms improve cash flow against Google's Net25
Increase your available inventory to existing buyers through advertising inventory controlled by you, the publisher
Direct control over Programmatic Guaranteed, Direct Campaigns and PMP deals through your new Content Ignite ad units

Ad product features you’ll love

Our ad tag and management platform are packed with technology that is designed to compliment Google AdManager while making an impact

Audience Segmentation

Separate out your audiences creating powerful, highly targetable pools of users.

load In-view

Don’t sacrifice resources or impact your viewability, let our in-view feature load ads only when needed.


Refresh ads for increased impact, while our tech ensures the tab is in view and not minimised by the user.

‘MultiOne’ Tech

Our single tag can be deployed to your site, globally, just once. Changes are pushed automatically.

Tag Debugging

You’ll gain a whole new level of insight into how your advertising is interacting with your page.

Self Serve

Use our technology as if it were your own, you have the control.

In-depth Docs

Find video walkthroughs and detailed explanations of features helping you to simply get on with what's important.

Contextual targeting

Coming soon. Watch this space!

Simply pay for what you use

One simple plan.
  • Three CPM bands
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Net30 Payment Terms
  • Improve your cashflow, get paid directly by Google on Net25
  • Brand-able reporting & ad units
  • 3-month rolling contract
  • Increase in your company turnover compared to using a 3rd Party
Three payment bands.
  • £0.050 CPM
    Up to 100 Million impressions
  • £0.025 CPM
    Up to 1 Billion impressions
  • £0.010 CPM
    Over 1 Billion impressions
  • Minimum monthly spend of 50GBP
Easy to calculate.

We’ve established partnerships with global industry leaders.

As active members of IAB and a certified Google channel partner we take being a responsible advertiser very seriously.

Our focus will always remain on keeping up with the latest advances in ad technology and in using our alliances to ensure you get the best performance and most compliant advertising solutions.