What is content ignite®?

Content Ignite® is an advertising platform that connects native advertisers to publishers through our exciting suite of native ad units.

We offer an extremely simple product that allows publishers to earn incremental revenue from placing our native ad widgets onto the page. Our native-style format means you are not distracting the user away from the quality content you have spent time creating, we can even make the ad match the look and feel of your site for a truly native experience.

Our demand partners include the leading native advertising companies and DSP’s, premium agencies as well as our very own direct advertisers across all devices, all geos. We bring the whole native market into one single native unit creating a biddable environment for your inventory consequently driving your cpm’s up.

Why have lots of native relationships when you can have one that can bring the native market place to you?

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Why you should use Content Ignite®

If you are a website publisher here are just 3 reasons why you should sign up today…

Increased Revenue

Our Publishers enjoy industry leading rates on this incremental revenue stream.

Higher Fill Rates

100% fill or set floors and passback, complete flexibility for publishers.

Fast Payments

We won’t hold onto your money. Our Premium Publishers benefit from Bi-Weekly payments.

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It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Once successful cut and paste the simple single tag code we give you into your site.

Earn Money

That’s it! Ads will appear on your images. Log into our dashboard to see your earnings.

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Testimonials from our partners


Content Ignite® is an innovator in the space, and their brand and vision is a huge inspiration and keeps us challenging ourselves at Revcontent.

John Lemp (CEO RevContent)

Content Ignite® has been a key partner for us and we look forward to working with the team in the future to fuel each others ambitious growth.

Mike Harty (Co Founder & COO PowerLinks)

Content Ignite® was the first platform we worked with to deliver native advertising products onto our group of websites. They have been a most helpful, resourceful and inventive partner we have worked with, with very fast turnaround in SLAs.

Russell Winterburn (Friday Media)

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