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Innovative Ad Formats

Our ad tags and management platform allow you quickly and easily enable and configure any one of the ad formats in our portfolio. Each unique in its own way with powerful features at their core.


Make an impact

Designed for high viewability and high engagement. Our technology compliments that of Googles Ad Manager whist boosting your stats.

Focused on innovation

Whether it be tweaks to the underlying code, or delivering whole new formats, we will keep you at the forefront of the advertising industry.

Four primary formats

01 – In-Image

Turn your images into revenue.

This unit is one of our most flexible allowing you to target 1 image per post or multiple images, infinite scroll, and the option to go on or under the image.

A high-performance product that produces exceptional results for both advertisers and publishers.

02 – Adhesion

High impact and 100% viewable.

Our floating adhesion units sit at the bottom of all your pages, across all devices providing our advertisers with a platform to ensure their ads are viewable, whilst at the same time paying out premium CPM’s.

This is a highly engaging performance unit that delivers results.

03 – In-Article

Flexibility like no other unit.

We understand your content is king, so our In-Article unit is seamlessly integrated into our publishers content to enhance the user experience not detract from it.

Providing a highly engaging format for our advertisers and publishers, this product offers a truly native experience for your users that adapts to your content.

04 – Standard IAB

Familiar sizes running display or native

Why not use the power of Native to help monetise your display inventory.
We can run our native formats into all standard IAB units and really help to either supplement, or replace, your display strategy.

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