Our suite of products is continuing to grow as fast as the advertising landscape.

Check out our latest formats below:

Are your existing advertising partners compliant with ‘Better Ad Standards’ from the Coalition for Better Ads? If not, your revenue will soon start to be affected. The good news is, we are. All formats below are compliant so you can keep on earning and grow your revenues. To check if you are, visit www.betterads.org/standards

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  • Footer

    Our most viewable ad unit, high impact and 100% viewable.

    Our floating footers site at the bottom of all your pages, across all devices providing our advertisers with a platform to ensure their ads are viewable, whilst at the same time paying out premium CPM’s.

    This is a highly engaging performance unit that delivers results.

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  • In-Feed

    Your content is king!

    We understand that and our In-Feed unit is seamlessly integrated into our publishers content to enhance the user experience not detract from it.

    Providing a highly engaging format for our advertisers and publishers, this product offers a truly native experience for your users that adapts to your content.

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  • In-Image

    Unlock the power of your image inventory and turn your images into revenue.

    This unit is one of our most flexible allowing you to target 1 image per post or multiple images, infinite scroll, and the option to go on or under the image.

    A high-performance product that produces exceptional results for both advertisers and publishers.

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  • End of Article

    This is a large single ad unit that auctions video, native and direct advertisers all within one premium unit.

    Extremely versatile, this unit can either complement your end of article partnerships by setting a floor and passing back to add incremental revenue or run as a stand alone unit filling 100%.

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  • One Tag

    One tag, One dashboard, One point of contact for all your ad requirements… 12 innovative ad formats.

     Seamless and quick integration
     All Coalition For Better Ads compliant
     All revenue performance in one single dash
     Simply turn on/off the formats you require

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  • White Label

    Take control of your own Native Advertising strategy with our White Label solution.

    Native is the fastest growing sector in advertising with spend set to surpass $20 billion by 2018.

    Using our white label solution you can take your very own high-performance native platform to market.

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  • MPU & Leaderboard

    Why not use the power of Native to help monetise your display inventory.

    We can run our native formats into all standard IAB units and really help to either supplement, or replace, your display strategy.

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  • In View

    Highly engaging and viewable ad formats, a high impact unit with impressive CPM’s to match.

    This unit displays a mixture of native and display demand and works within your unused white space elements of your page, helping you to monetise new areas of your site.

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  • products-video
  • Outstream & Video

    Two Video player options…

    1. Our traditional Outstream unit sits within your content and plays video ads
    2. Our content video player streams relevant content from our library of over 1 million videos directly into your player which we then monetise with pre-roll video advertising

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  • Skins

    That fine balance of high impact and native that brings premium brands to your site.

    If you are looking for a high impact format, Skins is the product for you. We supply both direct, programmatic and 3rd party demand through these formats ensuring market leading CPM’s.

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Testimonials from our partners


Content Ignite® is an innovator in the space, and their brand and vision is a huge inspiration and keeps us challenging ourselves at Revcontent.

John Lemp (CEO RevContent)

Content Ignite® has been a key partner for us and we look forward to working with the team in the future to fuel each others ambitious growth.

Mike Harty (Co Founder & COO PowerLinks)

Content Ignite® was the first platform we worked with to deliver native advertising products onto our group of websites. They have been a most helpful, resourceful and inventive partner we have worked with, with very fast turnaround in SLAs.

Russell Winterburn (Friday Media)