New Ad Manager integration


New Ad Manager integration

Today we launch our Ad Manager integration 2.0, and we are very excited about it! In short, this is a super slick time saving improvement. Less manual steps for you, reduced chance of set up error, and more focus on the things that matter; tag configuration and ROI.


First, a bit of background. Our previous integration asked that every time you created a new publisher, that you go into the publishers settings and trigger a sync to your Ad Manager account. This involved clicking a button, granting us temporary access. At which point we’d create all the ad units and placements our tags require in order to work.

The limitation here is that this is a manual step, and that once complete, we have no awareness of if everything is set up correctly or not. You could for example delete all the units we just created, and we’d have no way of knowing, and therefore no way of informing you that your tag is not able to serve ads.

Our goal for Content Ignite has always been to be as slick and as intuitive to use as possible, and this current process certainly does not fit either of those goals.

Launching today

Introducing v2.0! Authorise your Ad Manager account once and forget about any manual steps! Connection only takes a couple of clicks, and importantly, you remain in control, so disconnecting and revoking our access is even easier.

Demo show ad manager account connection steps

Once authorised, each time you come to create a publisher, we can build your Google ID for you (eliminating the need to jump out into Ad Manager).

Hit “Create” and we will immediately sync all the required config to your Ad Manager account, leaving you to simply configure your desired ad formats and go live. You could create a new publisher and have a deployable tag in as little as 30 seconds! 💨

Demo showing publisher creation steps

This functionality is available now! So log in and give it a go. We know this is going to massively improve set up times, and also help us provide better support. So we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Sincerely, your friends at Content Ignite.